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Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager Program

Why is professional certification important?
In order to enhance service and maximize efficiency, top management now looks to a new breed of professional mail managers.  These managers possess knowledge of advanced mail distribution technology, and professional management and administrative skills

To recognize these professional managers, the MSMA has established the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager ("CMDSM") program. This accreditation process provides for an individual to be evaluated, tested, and certified on the body of technical knowledge and management skills necessary for performance in the profession.

The objectives of the Certification Program are:

  • To raise professional standards and management skills.


  • To establish for employers, as well as people in the profession, a defined body of knowledge for effective performance in the profession.

  • To establish guidelines for achievement and a learning experience path for people to follow in developing their career in this profession.


  • To award recognition to those who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for the profession.

  • To improve the performance in the profession by encouraging participation in a continuing educational program for professional development.

Today there are over 300 CMDSM accredited professionals in the mail system management profession. The program covers the job categories of:

  • Mail Services Management, e.g., Manager or Supervisor
  • Distribution, Messenger, Shipping, Receiving or Fulfillment Manager or Supervisor
  • Administrative, Office Services, or Facilities Manager with responsibility for Mail and other Distribution Systems
  • Vendor or Consultant, serving the equipment supply or service needs of the mail management field.

To qualify, an individual must:

  • Currently be employed in the field for five or more years, with at least three years in management or
  • Have at least three years in management and two years as a member of MSMA (can be concurrent), and provide a letter of recommendation from their employer or a recognized professional in management.
  • Attain 150 professional expertise points in the following areas
    • Professional Experience
    • MSMA Experience
    • NON-MSMA Experience
    • Education

A candidate does not have to be a member of the MSMA to participate in the program, although the non-member certification fee does provide for a one-year, individual MSMA membership. However, membership does not automatically mean you are certified or lower the requirements.

Download CMDSM Application as a Microsoft Word Document

Download CMDSM Study Guide as a Microsoft Word Document