Chicago Chapter


"Dedicated To The Professional Advancement Of The Mail Distribution Industry"



Mission Statement

To preserve its founding principles, the Association is guided by a mission statement common to all chapters. The statement seeks to advance professionalism within the mail systems industry by establishing a framework for all activities both at the national and chapter levels.
  1. To provide a professional organization for people involved in the management, supervision, and support of mail systems in business, industry, government and institutions;

  2. To offer a local, regional and national structure of meetings, conferences, seminars, training classes and publications to raise the professionalism and competence of personnel employed in the mail management field at all levels;

  3. To stimulate communications by offering a variety of newsletters, manuals and other publications to aid in the dissemination of professional information developed in the field of mail systems management;

  4. To raise the level of management prestige and esteem for managers employed in this specialized segment of business operations; and

  5. To offer awards for contributions to the advancement of the art of mail systems management in order to encourage members to share their experiences and knowledge with others in the field.

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